Cold plunges aren't just trendy, they're a scientifically proven way to look and feel great


Reduce Inflammation and Boost Recovery


Strengthen Your Immune System...........


Improved Energy and Sleep Quality


Hormone Balance and Stress Relief


Hot Tub or Cold Plunge? - Either way, Havin' a Cold One will leave you wet and satisfied...

Plug and Play
Portable and Durable
24/7 Sanitation
Always Cold (or Hot!)


Our tubs are developed using the same drop-stitch technology as paddle boards, making it durable and light enough to be taken anywhere.


The most convenient cold plunge in the game

Starting as low as $98.29 / month!


Stress-free installments with

No More Ice

Our chillers use the latest technology to keep your water clean - even with daily use.


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See what our community of die-hard plungers has to say!

Gavin G

“Havin’ a Cold One is an absolute changer in the health and wellness space! With more and more emphasis being put on recovery and cold exposure, the demand for products has absolutely sky rocketed. What sets Havin’ a Cold One apart from some of its competitors in the market is affordability. But don’t get that confused with lack of quality! Havin’ a Cold One is a heavy duty, durable, yet easily transportable way to take your recovery to the next level. I can’t speak highly enough about the quality of the product and the company as a whole. Great products come from great companies and great companies are build on a foundation established by those leading the way. Havin’ a Cold One checks all the boxes”

Jake S

“ I went out to an event that the Cold One guys were having and other than the team being extremely welcoming, they really have developed a good product and for the right reason. The product itself is affordable, very spacious, and durable! As a team, they lead by example and are making an impact in the community by bringing people together and creating a positive message behind why you should be “Havin’ a Cold One.” Highly recommend their product and for you to go out to an event if you haven’t yet!”

Nate “the Train” Landwehr (UFCFighter)

“Nate the Train here… The Cold One is definitely worth it. I was feeling a little sore after this weight cut and this got me right where I need to be for my big fight tomorrow at UFC San Antonio!”

Holden P

“There are no cold plunges that are as easy to set up and break down as the Cold One. I have done many ice baths in my lifetime and the Cold One is by far the most convenient tub I’ve used. I’ve purchased my own plunge and can say that their customer service is exceptional. I use my Cold One every day and I have not seen any signs or wear and tear or malfunctions while using it at my house or taking it when I travel. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a tub that will last you a while and trying to better themselves mentally and physically.”

Chris S.

“I was lucky (or unlucky) enough, just depending on your take, to have the opportunity to check out Havin’ a Cold One’s cold plunge. Rock-solid construction, and I love how big the XL tub is. I’m 6’4” 250lbs, and there was room enough for me and anyone else crazy enough to jump in!”

Joe P.

“Thanks to Havin’ a Cold One, my cold plunge experience has been changed forever. Being 6’6”, comfortably fitting in a cold plunge has always been a challenge for me - but not anymore. Even the standard tub provides me with more than enough space… MUST HAVE!”

Matt W

“Havin’ a Cold One has changed my life. Like most of us, I have bad days. However, prior to cold exposure therapy, these bad days would last weeks or even months. I’m no expert - but my guess is these ruts are a form of depression. Since buying a Cold One and plunging daily, these elongated periods of lows have been less frequent and reduced significantly. Thank you, Havin’ a Cold One team!”

Rosie B

“The Cold One is 100% a game-changer! Super high-quality product, left me feeling energized and focused.”

Nick N

“Great product that everyone should try. Awesome team too.”

Jeremiah C

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it can definitely buy a Cold One. If you are looking for a cheap and effective option to boost recovery and mental health this summer then Havin’ a Cold One is the right choice for you”

Dustin C

“For me, the Cold One is perfect after a long day of soccer, workouts, or training! I feel refreshed and it truly helps with my recovery. 10/10 would recommend, you won’t be disappointed!”

Rachel J

“The Cold One is a game-changer for anyone seeking to enhance their physical and mental well-being. As someone who has experienced the incredible benefits of cold plunging, I highly recommend the Cold One to anyone looking to improve their overall health. The owner’s passion for helping others achieve their goals is evident in every aspect of their business, from the quality of their product to the personalized support they offer their customers.”

Ryan R

“I love the Cold One cold plunges! They are built to last, and the vibe they throw off is sweet! The chiller doesn’t look like any others in the market.”

Reece R

“As a 6’4 guy the Cold One was spacious enough to hold me comfortably. Went to the gym after 3 minutes in the Cold One and felt more energized and focused than caffeine has ever made me feel. To all of you who haven’t tried this… HAVE A COLD ONE.”

Sarah M

“Absolutely so grateful that “Havin’ a Cold One” has become a part of our Sphere community! I always leave so refreshed after a cold plunge and would 100% recommend this to anyone!! Thanks y’all!”

 Rodrigo M

“Using the Cold One for the very first time was a really unique experience. The after effects lasted from the time I got out to now, several weeks later. I still think it made a change in me mentally. I don't see myself in uncomfortable positions as a bad thing anymore. I see it as a challenge, and as a possible way to grow myself.”

Andrew M

“Surprisingly comfortable for an experience that’s meant to be “uncomfortable.” - The sides are padded making getting in, getting out, and resting your body on the side very smooth. Also, it is cold, real cold 🥶.”

Sarah M

Taking a cold plunge allowed me to experience the short term benefits of the ice baths, and see the real potential for the long term benefits. The ease and comfortability of the portable tub allows you to take a plunge anytime and anywhere you want, which is not something I have seen offered before. I am so grateful to Havin’ a Cold One for giving me this opportunity and I can't wait to do it again!”

Ilse E

The Cold One cold plunge is a game changer! I had never done a cold plunge before, but after hearing about the benefits, I decided to give the Cold One Cold Plunge a try. I couldn't believe how much better I felt. Not only did my muscles feel better, but my mind felt clearer and more focused.”

Lacy H

“I was blown away by the experience I had using the Cold One. The tube was so easy to get in and out of and the benefits I felt after one session were unbelievable. I got out feeling rejuvenated, energized, and badass. Having a portable tub is a game changer and I can’t wait to get one of my own!”